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Wedding Lingerie: What Shall I Wear Under My Dress?

This is a day every little girl dream of. A perfect day with perfect details. But usually there is a detail we might forget about: the wedding is as important as your wedding itself. If you want it memorable, you shall give attention to it and plan it.

Your wedding lingerie is as important as your wedding dress. Your husband will surely value if you appera in

a very glamurous lingerie on your first night, and besides it is a foundation for your dress.

Even more than ever bridal fashion changes with every year. The wedding dresses are designed to suit the modern woman. An attractive, sensoual appearance, while classic priness style is still very popular and necessary part of the dream wedding. Bridal lingerie so then should meet two important requirements: first it has to suit the wedding dress Ė if your dress is tight, the lingerie should be very thin without lines, and second bridal lingerie should be the same style as your dress.

There are practical considerations, too: selecting the proper bra is very important. A supportive bra might have straps and therefore no good with strapless dress, which are the most popular these days. So choose

a bra, which is comfortable but supportive even without straps. If you still afraid, corset is the best choice. Linen will assure you the perfect support, and has an other advantage, too: it will carry you nicely and will form you a very slim waist. Corsets are something interesting, so it could be comfortable for you during the wedding itself, but you will appear sexy in it in the honeymoon suite on your wedding night.

The most important: it shall be functional and sexy.
As for your slip, it always depends on the wedding dress. You might not need at all, but for full skirts,

a bouffat style you will need more lyers, to keep the weight of your dress. For an A Ė line skirt it is not necessary to have more lyers. Slips are always based on practicality.

Even there is a yearly trend, some things donít really change. These traditional things what you must have, for instance a garter. Everyone will see your garter, when your man will take it off, and it will be given away. So donít spend much time with finding this piece. Your fantasy and braveness will decide what style you choose: a fun colour, a very sexy thing or a classic light blue garter. Depends on you, this is the time to show your lingerie while making fun of it.

Now you see, your lingerie if not the most important piece, but a very important piece of your wedding clothes as the foundation of your dress and your appearance on the ceremony, and to make your first night as a wife very special. Consider all these and choose your proper wedding lingerie.


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