Underwear is a piece of clothing used by people under their clothing. Underwear is the undergarment worn on the lower part of the body. The underwear is a very important garment because it protects people getting dirt on their outer clothing caused by different discharges from the body. There are many kinds of underwear that give different functions depending on its type.

For men, the common underwear that they are using is brief. This type of underwear protects menís genital areas. Men also wear other types of underwear such as trunks, jockstraps, shorts and drawers, under pants, boxers, and many more. Men also wear undergarment for their upper body such as sleeveless shirts.

For women, the common underwear that they use is the bra and panty. Bras are used to protect the breasts of women. Same as men, women wear panties to protect their private areas. Some types of underwear are used by women to add shapes to their body. Different kinds of undergarments worn by women on the upper body are brassieres with different types such as demis, padded, push ups, t-shirt, strapless, and sports bra. For the lower part of the body, women wear panties such as bikinis with types high sided, low sided and string bikinis, g strings, thongs, boy shorts, and others.

Some of these under wears are made especially for different functions such as sports, casual wears, night uses, and others. But all of these function to protect the inner parts of the body for both men and women.


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