A thong is an undergarment used by men and women. Some thongs are used as underwear while some are used as swim wears. A thong is just like a typical bikini. It is however smaller or thinner at the back portion. The thong works like typical underwear, covering the private area, and pubic hair. The buttocks are completely revealed when wearing a thong, since it is only made of a thin band worn at the back.

Thongs have become very popular among modern countries, and it is commonly used in Japan when doing the sport Sumo Wrestling.

A thong is made in many variations depending on its style, material used, and thickness. The thong is also made in different designs for both men and women. Women are usually known to wearing thongs more. They prefer using it while swimming. Some of the most familiar types of thongs worn by women are g-string, t-back, v-string, c-string, and cheeky. G-strings were common to women in the early 1920ís. It was used by female strippers and dancers back then. The t-back can be explained from the world itself, this garment can be seen with a letter T on the behind while wearing it. Same goes for the C-string. The cheeky is the most conservative type of thong worn by women. It only reveals a small part of the buttocks.

Menís common thongs are the dance belt. It is also used for swim wears, athletic supporter and for dancing as well.


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