If you are a girl, a woman, or a wife, and you have been busy with project, activities, work, and other stuff for the past days, maybe youíve heard your man say that you have no time for him anymore. Well, you canít blame him and you canít put the blame on your self either. The only thing you can do is to make up for the times that you werenít able to spend your time together.

When you decide to make up with him, make sure that there wonít be any distractions from your work or other people. Make sure that you plan all the details to make the moment special. What to do will be up to you. You can plan for a small vacation, a simple picnic, a memorable talk, a walk at the park, or other things. It wonít be important where you spend it, what matter is that you can spend that special day with your loved one.

For those who are planning on a romantic evening, be sure to prepare for an intimate collection. Show off your man your new lingerie, or your bra and bikini set. You can also try to be a little naughty by using costumes such as red hot devil costume, cave girl, and others. Be very creative when planning for your special night. Your man will surely appreciate all the efforts you put into it.

And of course, after this event, make sure that you donít do the same mistake again and give special attention to your man, even just for a second.


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