Most of the time a brassiere or bra as it commonly known throughout the world is worn to cover the breasts of a woman and provide them with support. But a woman, after she becomes a mother, needs a bra that does something more. She would need a bra that offers extra support to her milk-filled breasts and also allow her to feed her child with convenience and comfort. And, all these qualities can be found in a specialized bra called a nursing bra.

A nursing bra is just the thing that a new mother needs. This bra which offers the much needed additional support to the breasts has cups which are designed in such a way to expose the nipple to nurse your baby. Many of you may wonder what is it that is so special about a nursing bra when any other bra would do. And to understand this, you will have to know a little of the physiology that goes on in a womanís body and her breasts.

During the period of pregnancy a womanís breasts undergo many changes prior to giving birth. During the last stages of pregnancy, the brain sends messages to the breast to start milk production and the milk is ready by childbirth. After delivery, the child starts to suckle and this is followed by tremendous changes in the womenís breasts. At times, there is more milk in the motherís breast than the child is able to taken in. It is common knowledge that motherís milk is the best for your child and breast-feeding is beneficial both to the mother and the child. Breastfeeding in public is rather difficult and is quite embarrassing to the new mother. If you are wearing a regular bra, then you will go through a lot of hassle to feed your baby in public. You will have to expose your entire breast to go through the exercise of nursing. The nursing bras are specially made for a mother to nurse her baby Ė the cups are provided with openings at the nipples to helps you nurse your baby with convenience and comfort. The nursing bras are made of a stretchable material that has the ability to stretch and adjust to the size of a womanís breast.

There are a number of varieties of nursing bras - so choose one that you feel is comfortable and suitable to you. The soft-cup bra is very popular with most of the mothers as it is convenient, comfortable, and offers excellent support to the breasts. It is very well suited to mothers who have sensitive breasts. The underwire nursing bra provides very good support to women with fuller breasts. But remember that you should not go to sleep with the underwire bra as it will compress the breast tissue if you wear it for a long time. There is a possibility that this could lead to blockage of the milk ducts and also cause infection of the breasts. You can also go in for the seamless and padded nursing bras as these bras can be very conveniently worn under low cut dresses and evening gowns. These bras are fashionable and also offer quite good support to the breasts.


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