Mastectomy means the surgical removal of one or both the breasts, either partially or completely. This surgery is done to treat breast cancer and prevent it spreading to other healthy tissues. A patient would not like to be told that she is diagnosed with breast cancer and would have to undergo surgery. Getting over the trauma of a mastectomy or breast surgery, as it is commonly known, is not an easy task. The patient will take quite some time for recovery, both physically and mentally.

After you are physically and mentally fit, it is time for you to think of a mastectomy bra so that you can look like you did before the surgery. You may later think of surgical breast reconstruction, but many ladies prefer mastectomy bras with prostheses. After surgery, a woman would need to go in for mastectomy bra and prosthesis. A number of bras are made for the post-surgery use of women who had undergone mastectomy. They can be used immediately after surgery till one can be made as per specifications. Mastectomy bras are designed with the sole idea of providing comfort and restore normalcy to the patient. A mastectomy bra is so designed to meet the specific needs of the individual patient. The prosthesis contains a breast form made of silicone and sewn into the pockets of the bra to hold it in place. There is a choice of silicone and non-silicone prostheses. Silicone prostheses are simulated to feel and look like natural breast tissue. Non-silicone prostheses are lightweight and made of foam or fiberfill and women find that they are more comfortable during summers and while swimming.

Some of the mastectomy bras are specially designed keeping in mind the post-surgery recovery process. These bras are suitable for women who would like extra-sensitive support and comfort and it helps in easy transition to normal every-day life. Here are a few things that ladies should be aware of before they purchase a mastectomy bra. They should have themselves measured for the correct size of the prosthesis and the bra. They should also ensure that the bra they go in for fits them properly, offers perfect coverage, and provides them with comfort and support. After surgery, it is likely that a woman may have sensitive skin and so she should choose a material that will be comfortable and does not irritate her skin.

Lingerie manufacturers have come up with a new and lighter camisole bra which is extremely soft and offers excellent support. If you are a lady who is very much into sports and sports activities, you can go in for the mastectomy sports bras which have extra padding and offer extra comfort. Some of these bras have pockets for inserting the breast forms where they remain very secure. And, for those of you who prefer cotton, you can opt for the cotton seamless bra which is soft and comfortable and comes in a range of colors.

You can take a look at some of the branded lingerie manufacturers who create mastectomy bras, lingerie, and other accessories in stylish and elegant designs. They are American Boutique, ABC, Airway, Amoena, Anita, Classique, Jodee, Luisa Luisa, Nearly Me, Trulife, and Mainstream.

After your mastectomy surgery, go in for a good mastectomy bra, keep up your confidence and be your old self.


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