Lingerie comes from the French words "linge" and "lin". The word linge means washables and the word lin means linen. Lingerie is one of the types of undergarments that are produced and offered in the market. There are many companies that produce and manufacture fascinating and stylish lingerie. Lingerie is offered in many different designs that are usually daring and very appealing. Lingerie is also made using different materials. Some of the most common lingerie found in the market are made of lace, nylon, satin, silk, and many more.

Long ago, ladies used to wear corsets which were very uncomfortable. This was when lingerie was invented. It was made to give comfort to women. Before, women used to use undergarments which were very big, bulky, and uncomfortable. But with the invention of lingerie, women today can now wear undergarments while feeling sexy and not awkward at all. The lingerie is also very comfortable for women to use with whatever kind of clothes they are wearing such as casual clothes, formal dresses, business attires, or others. The lingerie is made to fit the body of the women, which adds to their sexual appeal.
The lingerie has many different types where ladies can choose from. Different companies produce lingerie that fits their expertise. Some of the lingerie found in the market is night gown. Other types are half slip, body stockings, bustier, garter, corsage, girdle, stocking, panties, corset, leotard, bikinis, chemise, negligee, brassieres, robe, camisole, boy shorts, and many more. One of the most common lingerie that most women buy is the bra. It is an important lingerie for women and they choose the best size that fits them to look sexy and very appealing.


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