Women have a lot of clothes they can wear everyday. But it also depends on the occasion or the day they are going to wear it. Women can have clothes during sports activities, clothes for parties, special events such as weddings or anniversaries, formal attires for seminars or meetings, and casual attires. But with all these kinds of clothes, women always need to wear something under these clothes in order to protect themselves and to feel comfortable while working or doing other things.

Long ago, women were used to wearing corset inside their clothes. They use this to fit into their bodies and create shapes and layers with their clothes. They also use corsets when they are wearing very big dresses. People before were also known to be corset makers. Each corset is fitted perfectly for an individual. Nowadays, corsets are not made purposely to be worn inside. It is now used for fashion reasons as well.

A chemise is also another garment used by women under their clothes. The chemise is used mostly under dresses. It is loose fitting and is also very comfortable for women to use. Other people also use this kind of garment when sleeping.

Lingerie is one of the most common undergarments that women use today. A pair of bra and panty would be the most common of all lingerie. It is known to replace the corset that people use to wear. Lingerie has different styles such as bra underwear, brassieres, panties, gowns, negligees, and many more.


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