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A Brief History of Lingerie

The corset is a piece of lingerie that makes the torso slimmer while also providing a shape that makes for a fashionable statement. It generally makes the waist slimmer while lifting up the busts. Around the sixteenth century, the corset first became something that women in many numbers began to wear, and it was made from stiff numerous layers that comprised of linen as well as a busk made from wood, or a shaft that acted to make the corset as well as the figure appear straight.

With the passage of time, and by the time the eighteenth century was coming to an end, the corset was mostly used to keep the breasts raised as well as flat while the midriff was tightened and looked much narrower that helped to make it appear as a V shape that was covered by the over garments. It was mainly a means to support the breasts and the slimming of the waists did not matter as much as in the earlier days.

The waistline was made to appear as natural as possible in the early nineteenth century though towards the latter part of that century the silhouette in the form of an hour glass shape became a lot more popular, and this also meant making the waist appear less thick by the wearing of corsets.

Women today are looking to having fuller breasts in order to make the breasts fuller in terms of their volume and thus increase the ratio of their bust to their waist. In spite of all the popularity of the corset, around the early twentieth century, its popularity greatly waned before it made a comeback in the early middle of the twentieth century after which the Second World War finally brought corset wearing to an end. Later, in the late twentieth century, these were to become items that were worn for fetish and were even used as over garments rather than underwear.

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