At the end of a wedding day, that night will be very special for them. Or if they have set a special date for their honeymoon, it will be one of the most memorable moments they will have for the rest of their lives. It is important that each one of them wears the perfect outfit on that special night.

Men donít have too much to think about as there arenít a lot of outfits or costumes that are made for them. They can just wear special or sexy kind of underwear such as thongs. But for women, they can choose from a wide range of intimate apparel. Many companies are actually producing and manufacturing these kinds of clothing for that special occasion. But these types of clothing can also be used on an ordinary night. Intimate apparel may include gowns, dresses, pair of bra and underwear, chemise, and many others. Intimate apparel is made from different kinds of fabrics to make it very comfortable and easy to use. Most of the used fabrics for intimate apparel are satin, cotton, and silk. Other types such as nylon can also be used.

A good choice of intimate apparel to use on your special night should make women look very attractive and sexy. Dresses such as baby dolls, chemise, and other short and sexy clothes will work best.

Men and women should both put an effort to make sure that they will have the best night of their lives by choosing the perfect location, perfect timing, and of course, the perfect outfit as well.


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