Corset came from the French word "cors" meaning the miniature of body. A corset is an undergarment used mostly by women. Its man purpose is to create a design of the body for the person using it. Corsets were widely used by women during the early centuries. The corset before was also known to provide a medical purpose. Corsets were very familiar long ago; there were a lot of corset makers who do this kind of garment for an individual. Unlike now, corsets before were actually made to fit the body of an individual, which gives shape to the body. The modern corsets now are made and used as tops, individual garments that are displayed on some fashion shows. The function of corset before is different from the modern corsets now.

A corset can be in two forms: an over bust corset and an under bust corset. An over bust corset is fitted under the arms up to the hips, while an under bust corset is fitted under the breast up to the hips.
A corset can have different uses and functions. Commonly, a corset is used for a fashionable look. For women who want to give a shape to their body, accentuate their hips and their busts, they use corsets. A corset is best used when using large dresses to create layers on it. Another function of a corset is for medical reasons. Some use the corset when they have spinal or back problems and internal injuries.

Corset were also used by men before to make shape to their body too.


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