Chemise comes from French which means shirt. Chemise is a type of an undergarment dress worn by women. Its former use and function is to protect the body from perspiration. Women wore chemise as undergarments while wearing robes or gowns on the outside. Men also wore chemises inside their robes. During the early times, the chemise was regularly used by men and women and therefore was the mostly washed garment back then. Chemises before were actually made at home. They are just pieces of cloths sewn together. Anyone before can wear a chemise, just as long as she or he has different pieces of clothing and can sew each one together. The beauty of the chemise only depends on the type of fabric they used.

As of now, the modern t-shirts worn by men are considered chemise. For women, loose clothes, undergarment shirts, shorts, sleeveless, and dresses are considered chemises. The most common type of undergarment worn by women today which most likely represents a chemise is a baby doll. Like the chemise, a baby doll is also loose and short, and sleeveless. It is however more daring and revealing than the original chemise. A night gown is also considered a chemise.

A chemise is usually preferred by women now during the night because it is more comfortable. It is also very cool and classy at the same time. A modern chemise can be in different forms and styles. A chemise can also be made from different types of garments such as silk, cotton, satin, laced, and more.


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