Camisole is a type of an under garment worn by women. It is a type of garment which is loose and fitting, and a sleeveless type. A camisole is often called as "cami". The most common type of a camisole is short, just enough to cover the upper body part of a woman up to the waist. A camisole is somewhat similar to a chemise but is shorter. Camisoles can be made from different kinds of garments such as silk, cotton, satin, and others.

A typical camisole looks like a spaghetti strapped loose blouse. A camisole can be made with inner support of bras or none, depending on the manufacturer. Camisoles had been worn in the early centuries as inner clothing, but today, camisoles have become one of the modern outer clothing.

There are also other types of camisole such as the control camisoles, the puffed sleeves camisole, the boat necked camisole, and many others. The control camisole compared to the typical sleeveless camisole has thicker straps and longer garments. It is also made from the common types of fabric such as cotton, silk and satin. A puffed sleeve camisole is also loose and extended to the waist, but its difference from the usual camisole is that its sleeves are ballooned which makes it cute. A boat necked camisole has more decorations on its neckline compared to the typical camisole.

Camisoles can also be referred to as jackets or straitjackets. It is one of the most common garment that women wear today.


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