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Bridal Lingerie and the Trousseau

Birdal lingerie is a very important piece of the wedding trosseau. In our grandmothers's time it was a piece which took woman to the intimate life of a wife. Since then many things have changed, but we still dream

of a perfect wedding and still want to keep the classic traditions. Considering all these wedding and wedding night is a special occasion in a couple’s life. As women do everything to appear most beautiful, bridal lingerie

is very important, too.

In the past, a woman's outfit had symbolic meaning: white bridal dress was equal with innocence and virginity. In Victorian times a women had a trousseau that was a symbol for wealth and status. This trousseau included more dresses and lingerie. Dresses were embroidery, and bridal lingerie formed an essential part of the trousseau, including silk and muslin robes, silk slippers and of course corsets, too. In according to Victorian tradition, women, especially the bride’s mother cared for the bridal trousseau very much. They spend great amount on materials, and spend even years with desgning and sawing, embroidering the lingerie. Vicorian

brides changed their outfit more times a day.

Today bridal lingerie's role changed. It isn't a symbol for virginity anymore, but it is still important. Before lingerie was romantic, and it usually covered all the female body. Today lingerie is more daring, it might

be of elastic material, might be transparent and very sexy indeed.

Now when you start to create your own trousseau, decide what your aim is. Your personality will decide all,

if you are more the traditional girl, choose white silk lingerie with embroidery on it. If you are more of a trendy girl, choose something which reveals your shape, a modern, sleek style of a lingerie. If you dare to express your sexuality, you might prefer red colours and daring types.
If you have your wedding dress custome made, we reccomend you to discuss with your tailor. If you have

your lingerie made in the same style and fabric, it is gonna be a perfect harmony.

Anyhow you decide, keep in mind, that years later when you remember, it shall be something that is close

to your heart. So spare neither trouble nor expense, it will be a wonderful memory.


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