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Bridal Lingerie basics

Many many articles you found about perfect and beautiful bridal lingerie. Do you feel that no one is talking

of the essential pieces? For sure you need an amazing chemise or babydoll for the wedding night. But the foundation of your day-look is your underwear... under your beautiful wedding dress. As they are really foundation, you have buy them before your dress, to make it fit perfectly.
Let's see then, what is necessary under the dress:

Let's say the most important piece is bra. It is indeed, because it playes a very important role. A supportive bra will keep you comfortable all day, while standing in front of your guests for hours, while dining, while dancing. So on one hand, bra has to fit and be supportive. It has to fit your dress, if you have a strapless dress you might rather choose a corset for the most comfort. If you still prefer bra, keep in mind that it has

to give you support.

On the other hand, you want to have a beautiful piece which has the same style as your dress. This shouldn't be a problem, as todays designers and shops offer a wide range of incredibly decorative products. Elegant embroidery, sequins, floral patterns.. whatever you like. Choose the same style as your dress (a more simple, elegant), becuase after midnight, in your bedroom you can change to a more sexy, attractive lingerie set.
My advice: leave the tag on, so if the bra doesnít fit your dress, you have the chance to change it.

To have a perfect shape you might buy a waist chincer or slimmer. Before purchasing it, try it on, and make sure it is enough comfortable. If necessary leave it on for 15 minutes. Donít worry if others wait in front of

the cloakroom. If you donít feel comfortable, look for a slimmer made of lycra or spandex without boning.

Which to choose will depend on your wedding dress. If the material is very thin, or if it is a tight style, you rather wear a tiny string. Comfort is important in this case, too as you wonít be able to change your underwear easily.

Thigh high stockings are decorative, sexy piece, mostly if you wear them with garterbelt. Looks very elegant and attractive. Choose all the same style, your bra, panty and garterbelt. But be careful with elastic garters, rather choose one with hooks, which fits your waist. Stay-up stockings can also be worn without garterbelt.
Your stockings can be nude, white or ivory depending on your dressís colour. And if you like to keep tradition, purchase a light blue lace garter.

Before your wedding, try on your wedding dress with your underwear and try to walk, sit and so ever what you will have to do on and after the wedding. If you find anything uncomfortable, you still have time to change.


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