Wearing the right attire is very important as it boosts the confidence and image of a woman. But, you should remember that wearing the right lingerie is also equally important. Wearing a bra that isn’t right or a bra strap that peeps out could spoil the magical effect of the entire ensemble and the occasion. And, that is the reason why every woman should be able to know what type of lingerie, especially bras, she should wear and what is the bra the occasion demands. So, to be precise, know your bras.

• Strapless Bras: The strapless bra provides uniform shape and supports the breasts while hiding the nipples.
• Sports Bras: The Sports Bra is useful for those ladies who indulge in a lot of sporting activity, physical exercises, or dancing. Vigorous movements cause the breasts to shake and sway vigorously and this may lead to pain, and damage the muscles of the breasts.
• Big Bra: The big bra is for those women who are heavily built and well endowed. These ladies need more support than the ordinary bras can give them.
• Minimizer Bra: The minimizer Bra is meant for ladies who have a bra size of C or bigger. The minimizer bra aims to reduce the projection of the bust.
• Underwire Bra: The underwire bra which is very popular makes use of curved wire pieces to help support the under-areas of the bust. The metal pieces are stitched inside the fabric of the bra.
• Push Up Bras: This is a bra that enhances your upper torso and pushes up your breasts giving them a thrust. It adds to the shape of your breasts and modifies your entire personality.
• Full Figure Bra: If you have a heavier figure you would unfortunately be subject to a lot of back stress and upper back pain. This bra provides the proper lift, supports your breasts, and prevents them from sagging.
• Adhesive Bras: You will discover the new bra which has entered the market recently. Wear this and you can wear the most daring and most provocative of dresses without your nipple or bra straps being visible. It is called the Silicone Adhesive Bra which will make you feel that you are not wearing any bra at all.
• Posture Bra: This bra helps in improving your posture. Ladies with plus size breasts suffer from shoulder and back pain due to the heavy weight of their breasts. The Posture Bra offers extra support to the bust and relieves them from pain.
• Training Bra: The Training Bra has been designed for young girls who are undergoing developmental stage of their breasts. The training bra helps the young girls to get adjusted to wearing bras and the can switch on to regular bras later.
• Shelf Bra: The Shelf Bra comes under the category of open lingerie. It is a real sexy peek-a-boo bra where the breasts are exposed. It is also known as a open bra or a cupless bra.
• Sheer Bra: The Sheer Bra is the ultimate in bras. The sheer bra is sexy and the main intention of this bra is seduction and temptation!

Now that you seen the various types of bras, choose a bra that fits you properly, is comfortable, and expresses your personality correctly.


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