Are you finding it difficult to wear those sexy tops and evening gowns as you wouldnít like the straps of your bras to be seen peeping from the top of those dresses? Do you feel that this could spoil your entire evening? We can perfectly understand how yow you feel, but do not fret and do not worry as a solution to your problem is at hand.

A new kind of magic bra has entered the market by using which you can wear the most daring of dresses without your nipple being visible or a strap showing. And, that is the silicone adhesive bra which will make you feel that you are not wearing a bra at all! You can wear the silicone adhesive bra for backless dresses, backless tops, silk gowns, and even sweaters. The silicone adhesive bra is absolutely comfortable and you will not feel even a momentís discomfort. And, you donít have to worry about your protruding nipple, your cleavage, or your bra slipping.

The adhesive bra adheres to your body and supports your breasts. It is only available to C cup size as it is completely strapless and cannot support any size larger than a C cup. Now, you can wear all those backless tops, low necklines, and any other sexy dress that you feel like wearing without the fear of a strap showing. The cups have a very strong adhesive that will hold on for hours. The cups are water resistant and absolutely safe for the skin. Moreover, the cups are reusable, washable, and easy to clean. You have a choice of innumerable shades to match any of the dresses you wear.

You will find that the adhesive bra is absolutely comfortable and it is the best choice when you have to go out for special occasions or events when you would like to step out in a strapless gown, a backless prom dress, or perhaps, a wedding gown! As these adhesive bras are made of silicone they not only provide you with the necessary lift and support but they also assist in shaping and pushing up the chest.

Take a look at some of the adhesive bras that are available in the market. One of the most popular brands of adhesive bras is the NuBra which consists of two silicone pads that are joined together by a hook system. These two silicone pads adhere to the body beneath the breasts and remains in place for as long as six hours. This bra which does not have any shoulder or back straps is very comfortable to wear.

Another such bra is the Bare Adhesive Bra from Sense Solutions. It is strapless and backless and allows you to wear any strapless or backless dresses with elegance and confidence. If you would like to wear something with a plunging neckline, go for the Bare Plunges Adhesive Bra and listen to all the oohs! and aahs! all around you. The Sense Solutions Adhesive Bras ensure firm lift to accentuate your breasts and give you a great look.

For the best solution to all your bra problems, choose an adhesive bra.


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